Embroidery Designs, Patches, Applique

The uniqueness of embroidery designs made them one of the most popular fabric designing methods. The embroidered dress will make you look individual and original. Especially, bridal dress designers are using various creative techniques. Further, it gives an elegant look to the final product. Although the level of interest in embroidery designs varies from time to time, the embroidery art still stays in its sustained position in the market.

Punjab region of India is the most popular area for embroidery. However, other Asian countries like China, Cambodia, and Bangladesh are also producing some of the best embroideries. Further, Japan, Palestine, and Ukraine are also experts in doing alluring designs.

Embroidery Designs trends

Applique embroidery designs

Applique embroideries have been in the market since of late. Much of the appliques are with floral designs. The design is using for a range of products from maxi dresses, skirts, tops, and purses. These applique designs will give a feminine vibe to the appearance, which will make the wearer look romantic and girlish. Innovative design on the lightweight maxi length will present an organic and natural look. Most bridal dressmakers use floral applique to add feminity to the dress.

Embroidered patches

An embroidered patch is a small piece of embroidered fabric. These patches are using in making logos and badges. The patches are attaching using a pin, sawing it to the material, or by ironing. In the early stages, embroidered patches were an identification tool for military and other uniformed personals. However, now the embroidered patches have become a stylish design in the fashion world.

Embroider on the fabric

Mostly Saree’s and Kurtha’s are embroidered using this technique. Further, Sarees worked with traditional designs that have a glamourous and rich look. Most conventional Indian bridal sarees are with heavy embroidery designs. Hence, the market for the trend is sustainable in the country.

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