Paris Fashion Week

The French Fashion Federation is the Organizer of Paris Fashion Week. This event consists of a series of fashion exhibitions happening throughout a week. Further, it provides an excellent platform for designers from all over the world to show up with their creative designs.



The history of Fashion Weeks goes back to the 1700s. They used to have Fashion parades organized in Paris couture salons in this era. However, the event was developing for two centuries, and finally, the French Fashion Federation inaugurated the first fashion week. It is a part of the global Big Four fashion weeks; New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Limitations for Paris Fashion Week

The organizers do not allow any models below 16 years of age to participate in this event. Further, the French law does not permit models whose Body Mass Index size 0 to take part. Collections exclusive with Accessories, Swimwear, and Bridal wear are also not qualified for the event.

The event

The Fashion Week usually divided into three categories; Men’s’ wear, Haute Couture, and ready to wear. The Haute Couture category consists of some strict rules. Hence, for participants to get an opportunity for this category, have to agree for the same. Moreover, one of these rules includes designing 35 different outfits per year. These outfits should consist of both daytime and evening wear. Further, this Fashion Week seems the ground, where the remarkable street styles are coming out.

Paris Fashion Week 2020

Spring/ Summer Seasons Fashion Week is held in February 2020, where various creative designs came on the stage. Further, they have given prominence to attractive and unique styled Coats, boots, and shoes.

Among the trends for Spring/Summer 2020, the most highlighted trends were;

  • Three-piece suit – Adding “Vest” to the two-piece suit
  • Only with Orange – By making the entire attire only with Orange color.
  • Skirts – Making a different outlook.
  • Attire with metallic material – To make you shine!
  • Sheer Clothing – Making you comfortable
  • Strips – Strips with multi-colored options
  • Puff Pieces – Puffy sleeves and hemline

Further, organizers are planning to have the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week at the end of September 2020.

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