Gorgeous Crowns / Tiaras for Weddings

Every girl has a dream to feel like a princess on her wedding day. So, what is the best possible way to achieve your desire? A tiara is a most effortless and elegant accessory that will make you a princess on your big day. Those who look for a traditional charming day, pick tiaras for wedding headdress. Tiara is a small addition to your dress that will dignify your look. Imagine yourself walking in a flowing, charming white gown with your hair loosened with a tiara. It is your fairy dream. Here we are going to help you with how to pick a tiara that will make you a beauty queen.

Crowns and tiaras have been a popular fashion in royal families for over many years. The royal family ladies wear tiaras on special occasions. Tiara is a symbol that will dignify their royal outlook.

A suitable tiara will make you look royal, proud, and will highlight your individuality. However, apart from that, there are various types of tiaras that you can pick for your day. Tiaras made with rhinestone are cheaper yet stylish. You can get a fabulous tiara done with rhinestones as per your wish.

Type of Crowns / Tiaras for Weddings

  • Crystal Tiaras: Crystal tiaras will add a glamorous look to your bridal outfit. Further, it will make your face shiny and charismatic.
  • Flower Crown: Flower crown is an alternative for Tiara, where you are planning for a beach or back yard wedding, and you want a charming headdress but not a tiara. You will be an adorable bride with a whimsical flower crown. No doubt that you will look sweet and stylish with it.

Things to consider when wearing Crowns/ Tiaras for Wedding

  • Place the Tiara once all the hairdressing is over.
  • Never wash your hair just before wearing a tiara.
  • Do not attach the veil to the crown.
  • If you have a long face, a pointed tiara will make your face look longer. On the other side, if you are with a round face, a round-shaped tiara will make your face more chubby and short. Hence, always choose the shapes which are opposite to the shape of your face.
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